Marine Barracks

Marine Barracks: Full environment modeled in 3d.

They stood more upright once...
Purple or green...

Ancient Prophets: Concept iteration.


Ancient Elite Warships: Concept development

Covenant Buildings
The case of the Holoballs
A Door
The Kindler

Various Covenant concepts

Covenant Sarcophagus

Covenant Sarcophagus: 3D Model

Inside the Forerunner Mining station

Inside the Forerunner Mining Station

This is rifle this is my gun...

Marine model texture: The focus of this test was to push the painterly application of the textures.

I had the privilege once again to play a very small part in contributing to the Halo universe via Sequence Post. Much of what is featured below involves the collaboration between myself and the team there including Andrew West, the AD on the project. Once again I had a great time working with them all.

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